Friday, October 01, 2004

Doing It The Wiggles Way

When Chief Wiggles finished his tour in Iraq, I thought he would come back home and spend the day watching TV or reading books. I guess I was wrong. He's still working hard to help as many Iraqi children as he can. That's why I admire him very much.

September was a busy month for the chief. He's been working to bring a 9-month-old Iraqi girl to America for medical treatment. Tabby, the Iraqi girl, has a hemangioma that is threatening her life. The chief has already arranged with Dr. Hochman and his group from South Carolina to give Tabby the operations when she arrives in America. He has collected enough frequent flyer miles to get her and her father tickets to America. The only problem he had this morning was guaranteeing a visa interview for the two. But, even this matter got solved. He published an update this afternoon on his blog. They have an interview at the American embassy in Amman on Sunday.

Thanks to Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and the other senators who contacted the American embassy in Amman, Jordan. Thanks to everyone who helped and are still helping to make this baby's life a better one.

I said it before and will say it again, you can't win everyone's heart in Iraq. But, you can win one heart at a time. Take a chance and help Iraqis individually if you really want to win the peace in Iraq.

BTW, I'm sending the money to Fr. Yousif on Monday. So, you still have time to make a difference.

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embassy: سفارة - / safara /
embassies: سفارات - / safarat /

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