Sunday, October 24, 2004

Can We Provide More Protection?

It was another sad day for the Iraqi military recruits. The bodies of 49 new recruits were found dead in Diyala province.

I read a few reports to find out more details on how this happened. The thing I found sad is those new recruits, who were returning home from their training camp, were sent in buses to their homes without any protection.

I won't blame anyone for lack of protection provided for the new recruits. All I request is more protection for people who are willing to enlist in the army. We can't afford to make more mistakes in Iraq. We can't turn back time and correct these mistakes. But, we can work fast to salvage what we can save.

May God rest the souls of those soldiers in greener lands.

UPDATE 10/25/2004
Read this report for more details on how this massacre took place.

Arabic Word of The Post:
protection: حماية - / Hee-maya /

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