Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Black Sheep Down

Every family must suffer from a bad family member. My parents' neighbors in Baghdad were not an exception. The neighbors had a son named "Saddam" -- I wonder if the name itself was a curse. Saddam was a bad guy in his neighborhood. He had a popular hobby during the last years of Saddam Hussein's era. It was called "stealing water pumps." He stole more than seven water pumps, including my parents pump, before he was arrested by the cops a few years ago.

The cops called my dad and probably a few other neighbors as witnesses. Saddam, the black sheep, was sentenced for many years in jail. Good riddance. The neighborhood became quiet and happy again. Well, it didn't last long. Do you remember the nobility of Saddam Hussein when he released 70,000 criminals before the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom? Well, my parents' neighborhood was blessed by the return of the black sheep to its streets.

My parents left Iraq last year and gave their house to my cousin and her husband. For their bad luck, they had to deal with Saddam, who kept quiet till the collapse of Saddam's regime. That's when the black sheep started threatening the neighbors, who put him in jail for his crimes. We got our share from his revenge. First, he demanded a large amount of money or said he would blow up the house with grenades. My cousin's husband had to evacuate the house until he sorted out this matter with the mayor of the neighborhood. How does that work? My cousin's husband had to pay the black sheep a large amount of money for the promise of not attacking the house.

Well, that was the start of a good business for this criminal. He kept terrorizing the neighbors by demanding money from this person and that person ... or else. This continued until a short time ago when the black sheep decided it's time to torture his relatives too. So, he decided to steal his uncle's car. The uncle caught him in the act. In a moment of anger, the uncle took control of the car and drove over Saddam to send him to his death.

My sister called my cousin few days ago. They expressed the neighborhood's happiness and quietness with the end of this person. He had wanted to set himself up as Tony Soprano in their part of town.

Now there's one less criminal to worry about.

Arabic Word of The Post:

black: أسود - / aswed /
white: أبيض - / abyeTH /

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