Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Snowball Started Rolling

You may have noticed I made some changes to my sidebar. I put a section for Fr. Yousif's project and related articles at the top of my sidebar. I believe this project is more important than my personal information, which I pushed beneath that section.

I made an arrangement with Fr. Yousif to wire the money to his account in Jordan at the end of the month. So far, I've collected a gross total amount of $315. It's a small amount. But, it means too much for the people who are trying to make a difference in the new Iraq. I hope more people will contribute to the project.

The most recent good news is that a NGO is willing to pay 30 percent of the project expenses. Fr. Yousif is very happy with the offer. He and his team are studying other offers. He thinks the snowball is rolling faster. I was happy to hear this news from him.

The university may offer some of the courses online. Then students won't need to be on campus while the security situation is bad in Baghdad. I'm really impressed by their logical plans. I was telling a reader, who offered to help with the web hosting and implementation, about the online courses. The reader happened to have worked on the development of the first completely web-distributed class at the University of Arizona in the late 90s. So, I'm either lucky or the snowball is really rolling very fast.

Thank you to the bloggers, who wrote about the project on their blogs. It really helped. I was lucky enough to have the posts live before Arthur published his latest article on his "Opinion Journal" entry. His link to the project introduced many people to the project, who e-mailed me about their efforts to spread the news to their local churches, family and friends.

Thank you to the wonderful people who contributed to the project in different ways without question. It made me happy.

Arabic Word of The Post:

snow: ثلج - / thalij /
rain: مطر - / ma'tar /

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