Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Mother Teresa and Iraq

I bet few of you know Mother Teresa opened an orphanage in Baghdad after the first Gulf War. The orphanage is called "Dar al-Mahabha," which means "House of Love" in English. The orphanage takes care of 22 handicapped children. It's run by three courageous Indian nuns. The nuns refused to leave Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. They stayed with the children and never went to bomb shelters because it would've been hard to evacuate the handicapped children to the shelters. I salute those three nuns for their commitment to their mission and to those children.

Last week, the insurgents decided to pay a visit to this orphanage. The 22 orphans were playing when a bomb exploded. The bomb was hidden between the sidewalk, on which the residence is located, and a car parked some six meters from the entrance. All the orphanage's windows were shattered except in the room where the children were playing. I think Mother Teresa's spirit was somewhere around that room at the time.

One of the Indian nuns said after the explosion:
What do these innocent children have to do with what is going on?

I think the insurgents want to see how far they can go into the dark side. Lord Voldemort is still ruling their dark souls.

Arabic Word of The Post:

orphan: يتيم - / yateem /
orphans: أيتام - / aytam /

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