Saturday, September 11, 2004

Fr. Yousif - Q&A Session

In response to e-mails I've received since yesterday regarding Fr. Yousif Thomas, I'll answer the questions publicly to benefit everyone who reads this blog. Thank you for the debate in these e-mails. I hope I didn't upset anyone with my replies. If I did, I send my apology.

This weekend's events in Iraq are taking a toll on Fr. Yousif emotionally. He would like me to coordinate project-related inquiries from this end. Please, pray for things to get better soon. Also, our wonderful Ghaith got wounded yesterday. That's the life of photojournalists.

  • Q: Why I'm so passionate about this project?

    A: Since the attacks on the Iraqi churches last August, more than 40,000 Iraqi Christians left the country. This community is not feeling safe under the continuous harassment from Al-Mahdi army and other thugs. Our only weapon is education and tolerance. That's how we survived for hundreds of years among our fellow Muslim citizens.

    Those people need your help. Yesterday, in a surprise move, Chaldean Archbishop Louis Sako of Kirkuk asked the American people to help the Iraqi Christian community. His message tells me this community is very desperate for your help.

  • Q: Can you post more information about the Popular University Project?

    A: I posted the proposal for the university here. It's a very long document. I hope you can at least scan it if you don't have enough time to read the whole document.

  • Q: What difference would my $10-$25 make to this project considering the high cost of the project?

    A: Each drop of water counts toward filling the ocean. That's all I can say.

  • Q: How can we help other than financially?

    A: The university needs books, a website and a hosting server. If you can help with any of the these things, it will make Fr. Thomas' life easier.

    You can tell your church pastor about the project. You can post it on your blog and other blogs who may have an interest in this kind of subject.

  • Q: How can I contact Fr. Yousif Thomas?

    A: Fr. Yousif Thomas sent me an e-mail today to coordinate all project-related inquiries from this end. So, please forward your inquiries to me and if I can't answer them, I'll e-mail Fr. Yousif for advice. Thank you.

  • Q: Where to find more articles by Fr. Yousif Thomas?

    A: If you Google "yousif thomas" (with quotes), you'll find other articles and mentions of him. I have his complete lectures on tapes in Arabic. I'm not sure if he translated them to English or French.

  • Q: Where can I find Christian Thought magazine?

    A: The magazine has a Web site. It's new and needs more development. But, it's a good start. They post in Arabic, English and French. The Web site also needs technical help from volunteers.

Arabic Word of The Post:

question: سؤال - / sou-'aal /
answer: جواب - / jawab /

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