Sunday, August 08, 2004

Saving Private Hammer

I thought to start the week with a charming post. Hope you enjoy it.

Pfc. Hammer is an Iraqi Tabby cat. It was adopted as a kitten by 3rd Brigade Combat Team while serving in Balad, Iraq. When the unit found out they were coming back home, Staff Sgt. Rick Bousfield contacted Alley Cat Allies and asked for help bringing Hammer along. Alley Cat Allies raised $2,500 for Hammer's shots, sterilization, paperwork and a plane ride to the United States.

Bousfield said in the Associated Press report:
"He has been through mortar attacks. He'd jump and get scared liked the rest of us. He is kind of like one of our own. He was a stress therapist. The guys would come back in tired and stressed. Hammer would come back and bug the heck out of you. He wiped away some worries."

The kitten earned his rank after nabbing five mice. Yes, Iraqi cats are excellent mice hunters.

IRAQI Word of The Post :

cat : بزونة - / baz-zoona /
cats: بزازين - / baza-zeen /

Arabic Word of The Post :

cat : هرة - / hir-ra /
cats : هرات - / hir-rat /

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