Saturday, August 28, 2004

Riot Is Worse Than Murder

Alaa published an open letter to the peaceful Iraqi people in Arabic. Here's the translation of his letter in English. His words are wonderful as usual.

Riot is stronger than murder

In the name of Allah the Merciful.

They came and toppled Saddam and his regime. Unfortunately, Saddamism is still here. Saddamism didn't go away with the departure of Saddam. This disease is more cursed and more evil than its comrade and can't be removed with the same simplicity. This chronic disease still lives in the sick souls. The subject isn't connected to what appears on the surface of matters regarding its complexity, variety of reasons and causes. The problem doesn't exist only with the presence of the Western troops, the reality of sectarian and racial conflicts, poverty, lack of knowledge, crime, greediness or a lot of other parameters, even though we admit their importance, direct and indirect relation to the painful reality in Mesopotamia today.

Yes, we're still fighting the Saddamist mentality and in spirit. This fight is at its highest strength today.

This mentality is not limited to Saddam or whoever was with him. Rather, it could dominate many people - even his enemies - and those who wished for his removal. It could nest under a turban, hide under a jubbah or under any frontage or appearance. Saddamism is the belief that society has to be built on the principle that fear, violence, murder and terror are the only successful style of government. Ruling means domination, restraint and supremacy of the minority to control the country's abilities; and it's only the right of the ruling minority to enjoy the fortune; and the country has to be a "big village" for the ruler and whoever he's satisfied with, denomination, tribe, etc. "Distrust is cleverness" and "the others" has to be looked at them with hatred. Whoever disagrees with his opinion are the enemies, who must be crashed and killed. "The ends justifies the means;" and there are no limits for torture, aggression or red lines for this matter. Torture is justified and killing of innocent souls is an easy matter. Also, fighting people by the use of humanitarian emotions like targeting family and relatives by passing a legislation opposed to "Don't punish an innocent for someone else's crime."

Now, we see bombings on the streets, kidnapping, beheading, threatening and terrorizing people for what they say or think. So what has changed in the situation? Terror was practiced by a ruling dictatorship. Now, it's practiced by organized gangs, who have different views and shiny slogans. Even by using the name of jihad, conquering the occupiers and different false names. There are people, who drum and sing for this and that. There are those who finance them from the inside and outside. Maybe this terror is worse than its predecessor. The old authority was obvious for everyone. But now, they're hiding like snakes and scorpions, who bite then go back to their holes waiting for another chance to attack the peaceful people.

To cut it short, this Saddamist mentality is built on the basic belief in wickedness and its real god is Satan. It's a satanic religion. Evil deception is weak and the effect is for the Merciful worshippers, believers in good and love and God worshippers who believe in a Merciful God.

So, to the patient Iraqis: rejoice for morning is your appointed time. Can't you see the morning light coming soon?

Peace is upon you with God's mercy and blessing.

Your brother, Alaa

I hope the translation is easy to understand. Oh well, no Arabic word for this post. I did my homework today.

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