Saturday, August 14, 2004

Opening Ceremony For Olympics 2004

Yesterday, I watched the opening ceremony for Olympics 2004. I think the Greeks put on a great show. I love their history and mythologies. The country is so beautiful and full of the Olympics games' history that I kept thinking to myself, "Greece should always be the host of the Olympic games."

It was wonderful to hear everyone cheering for the Iraqi Olympic team when they entered the stadium. That was the best part of the opening ceremony. The Iraqi team looked happier than ever. They're probably the miracle team this year. Ala'a Hikmat looked gorgeous dressed as Queen Ishtar, who was considered the goddess of fertility, love and war in Kingdom of Babylon.

Then came the Iranian team. The stadium went almost quiet. I heard their judo player is considering withdrawing from his match against the Israeli judo player. Seems like Iran doesn't recognize Israel as a country. Good. The Israeli player will have an extra time to practice for his next match.

Many thanks to Japan who provided the Iraqi Olympic team with the green suits, pants, shirts, ties and shoes.

A BIG THANKS to Bernd Stange, the Iraqi soccer coach from Germany, who traveled to Baghdad after the collapse of the old regime and went door to door to regroup the Iraqi soccer team and encourage them to play again. He's the star.

Looking at these players from all over the world standing by each other in peace and harmony, I couldn't help but wish world politics would be as smooth as the Olympic games. It's a wishful thought.

I wish the best for everyone competing in the games. Let the games begin.

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