Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Ma'rwa Ahteemi Is Back In Iraq

Source: Jorrdan Times

I hope you still remember Ma’rwa Ahteemi. The Iraqi girl who suffered a spinal injury in November 2003. Her injury was the result of an artillery shell that exploded on the edge of her family’s farm outside Baghdad. She was brought to America for treatment with the help of two American soldiers.

For the readers who contributed to her fund, you may like to know, more than $10,000 has been raised for her. Also, The National Rehabilitation Hospital donated a year’s supply of medicines and supplies (worth $8,000) and ordered a special wheelchair for Ma'rwa with thick wheels, suitable for sand.

Associated Press journalist, Sharon Cohen, followed Ma'rwa's story. In a newly published report, Sharon wrote of Ma'rwa's injury, treatment, rehabilitation and journey back to Iraq.

Sharon wrote in her report about Ma'rwa's rehabilitation progress:
By April, she could dismantle her wheelchair — with her own comical flair. She’d sigh in exhaustion and cross her eyes as she tugged at the seat cushion with cherry-red fingernails and squeezed the back until it folded like an accordion.

In three months, Ma’rwa gained 15 pounds, strength and confidence.

By May, she had taken her first steps in thigh-to-ankle braces that she'll use mostly for indoors.

"She’s very motivated, very practical, a very creative thinker," says Dr. Sally Evans, who supervised her care.

Ma'rwa made lots of friends during her short stay in America. Please, pray for her safety in years to come.

Again, thank you to everyone who contributed to her fund or sent her gifts and toys. I'm sure you made a difference in her life. Please remember, you are a star thrower.

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