Saturday, August 21, 2004

Iraqi Soccer Team Wins Another Game

The Iraqi soccer team did it again. It won its game with Australia. The team has qualified to the semi-finals for the first time in its Olympic history. That's more than anyone expected from this team that came out shining after years of torture under Uday's management.

Are you still angry with the players comments? Please don't be. Keep giving the players your positive energy. I really believe it's the people cheering for them around the world that is giving the players part of their energy to play and win.

And for my country, Australia, Ian Thorpe is our gem. I think we can live with one less medal.

My family-in-law were making fun of me the other day because I cheer for three winning countries: Australia, America and Iraq. How lucky am I?

Arabic Word of The Post :

Iraq: عراق
Australia: أستراليا
America: أمريكا

The names are pronounced almost the same in English and Arabic. So, I wouldn't include my funny Arabic pronunciation.

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