Thursday, August 26, 2004

Iraqi Airways Makes a Test Flight

A newly purchased Boeing 737, which belongs to Iraqi Airways made a test flight from Amman to Baghdad last Monday. After the United Nations sanctions in 1990, all Iraqi airplanes were grounded. Six of them are at Amman International Airport. You can't miss them if you fly through that airport.

AFP reports:
On the eve of the invasion of Kuwait, the company paid European giant Airbus 10 million dollars for four planes, shipments that never arrived when sanctions stalled the deal.

Iraq's former interim transport minister, Benham Polis, said in May that the company had $300 million to lease or buy aircraft from Airbus and Boeing.

Jordanian Transport Minister Raed Abu Saud said in February that the Iraqi planes parked at Queen Alia Airport were considered part of millions of dollars of Iraqi assets frozen in Jordan.

He said Jordan should get around 4 million dollars in fees from Iraq for keeping the planes.

The last two paragraphs can easily boil any Iraqi's blood. Why? Because Half of Jordan’s crude oil needs, worth $300 million, were delivered free of charge as a gift from Saddam. The gift was part of an agreement renewed yearly.

How nice of the Jordanians! Oh, I forgot. The Jordanian Royal family is hosting Saddam's two daughters and their children. It must cost a lot. Who better to pay their expenses than the Iraqi people.

Arabic Word of The Post:

airplane: طائرة - / 'TA-eera /
airplanes: طائرات - / 'TA-eerat /

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