Friday, August 27, 2004

Iraq vs. Italy Game

The Iraqi soccer team's performance was really good during the whole game. The team missed many opportunities to score during the game. But, that's how it goes with soccer.

Congratulations to the handsome Italian team for winning the bronze. It goes well with their perfect tan. Honestly, both teams played very nice.

Grant Wahl, the Sports Illustrated reporter, who wrote the controversial report last week, wrote another report defending his first report. I have no problem with Grant trying to defend himself. My problem is why he interviewed the players he knew very well weren't pleased with America for personal reasons.

In my opinion, he went and interviewed those players with an agenda in his mind. If not, then why didn't he interview the Afghani or Iraqi female athletes, who were happy to be in Athens?

This is probably my last Olympics-related post. I really enjoyed the games, and I'm looking forward to Olympics 2008. But before I go, I'd like you to know that Nabil, our sports correspondent from Baghdad, has announced on his blog that he and his friends are trying to rebuild his school's soccer team:
Me and my school friends are trying to rebuilt our school team to play in the schools football league, we are trying to get money to buy the balls and buy nets for the school's goals, and we are trying to buy [uniforms] for the team, so if you can help us we will be very thankful. Because a lot of players from my team want to play in this competition because the best players in the competition will have the chance to go to the coach of the Iraqi youth football team, and maybe they will be in the Iraqi youth team, so if you can help we will be thankful.

Hopefully, someone can help him and his friends with this project.

Arabic Word of The Post:

soccer or football: كرة القدم - / kura-til-'qadam /

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