Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Chief Wiggles Needs Everyone's Help

Atlas Lines, which ships Operation Give containers to Iraq is playing a dirty game with Chief Wiggles. Here's part of his plea for help post:

Not long ago, I wrote a post asking for your help with a problem with the shipping company, Atlas Line, that we have used to ship all of the donated items to Iraq. The response was wonderful! Many of you called Atlas Line, others wrote email and one person even visited them for us. We thought the problem was solved. We were wrong.

In simple terms, Atlas Line has $30,000 that belongs to Operation Give and we want it back! At the end of this post, I’ll go into a bit more detail for those wanting to understand the situation more fully. For now, here are the simple facts.

(UPDATE: Timeline of events is now added at the end of the post.)

(UPDATE II: Images of cancelled checks now available)

(UPDATE III: More information here.)

The Chief has more details on his post. So, GO HELP CHIEF WIGGLES.

Thank you Cynthia for your e-mail regarding this matter.

I worked for the information technology of an internatioal freight forwarding company before. I can assure you the accounting department knows where every cent goes in these companies. People will be fired if one cent is missing.

Arabic Word of The Post:

company : شركة - / shery-ka /
companies : شركات - / shery-kat /

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