Friday, August 06, 2004

Back To School Campaign

Najma is promoting a campaign to help Iraqi kids. Her program is another way to help Iraqi students, who are going back to school before the end of September.

Then there's Books for Baghdad campaign. We all have books sitting on our bookshelves that we could donate to this project. The books are sent to Iraq to U.S. troops. The website has information on how to send books to Iraqi universities and schools.

And if you still want more. Here's another way to help our troops and Iraqi people in Al-Najaf.

I sometimes think my blog is very expensive because I keep asking people to send this and that at least once a month. But, Iraqi people and our troops need our support. That's why I keep writing these posts. I hope they don't bore you.

Arabic Word of The Post :

book : كتاب - / ki-tab /
books : كتب - / koo-toob /

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