Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A United Iraq

Today was one of the worst days in Iraq's recent history. More than 60 innocent people lost their lives this morning. How could anyone legitimize these attacks? How could anyone claim the insurgents are helping the Iraqi people?

I'll tell you what will help the Iraqi people:

  • Stand united in the face of murderers.

  • Rebuild Iraq by Iraqis and with the help of Iraq's friends.

  • Forget differences and focus on the shared values among the many Iraqi sectors.

  • Build an equal opportunity society.

  • Give full rights to the Iraqi women. Nothing scares the religious radicals and the insurgents more than a woman with a strong personality and high achievements.

  • Forget the past and look at the bright future. Remember, if these murderers didn't see your freedom, they never would try to kill you. You're free and alive.

Let's hope they arrest the cowards behind the criminals, who brought sadness to the city of Bagouba and the rest of Iraq.

Arabic Word of The Post :

innocent : بريء - / ba-ree' /
innocents : أبرياء - / abree-YA' /

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