Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Treating Sara Al-Humadi's Scars

Sara Al-Humadi is a 3-year-old Iraqi girl from the city of Hilla. At this early age, she has 3rd-degree burns on her hands, chin, cheeks, nose, forehead and left leg. The burns are the results of a kerosene stove fire. The stove heated water at their house.

With the bad security situation in Iraq, experienced plastic surgeons were not available to treat her scars. Her loving parents tried desperately to get her skin treated for these burns. There wasn't much hope in getting her the proper treatment inside Iraq. That's the bad news.

Here's the good news: Samaritan Purse, a nonprofit organization based in North Carolina, coordinated a trip from the Middle East to Galveston, where Sara is getting treatment at the Shriners' Burn Hospital. Sara is accompanied by her mother and a translator.

Sara will turn 4 on July 29. So, I contacted Carolina Amengual, a reporter at The Daily News in Galveston. I asked her for an address where we could send gifts to Sara. She gladly contacted Cindy Bonsall, the organization's director of children's projects. Cindy told her gifts could be sent to the organization's headquarters and they'll deliver them to Sara. Here's the address:

Samaritan Purse
801 Bamboo Road
Boone, NC 28607

If you decide to send gifts using regular mail, the P.O. Box is preferred:

Samaritan Purse
P.O. Box 3000
Boone, NC 28607

You can call Samaritan's Purse Headquarters on (828) 262-1980 for any questions.

I don't have kids, so I'm not sure what a 4-year-old girl would like to have as a birthday gift. Send me your suggestions. If you're sending gifts, don't forget to mention these gifts are sent specifically for Sara. I really want her to have a good birthday.

Thank you in advance for your help in bringing a smile to Sara's face.

Arabic Word of The Post :

fire : نار - / nar /
water : ماء - / Ma' /

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