Thursday, July 01, 2004

Saddam, You're Crazy

I woke up this morning, checked the news and there's this crazy man on TV. I thought, "He reminds me of someone crazy and depressed. He needs to take Prozac."

Since the capture of Mr. Crazy, I looked forward for his trial. But today, when I watched him on TV then read his idiotic words, I thought to myself, "I really don't want to hear or see him anymore." He's the same arrogant person Iraqis have known for years.

I couldn't watch him for more than five minutes. That's how much I'm disgusted at his appearance and words. He's the same actor we've known for years. Now, I know how people trying to recover from an abusive relationship feel when they meet their abusers in a courtroom.

Today is a nice day. I won't sit and talk about someone who stole the best years of our lives. I'm glad the new Iraqi generations won't have to live under his tyranny. I'm glad they can look forward to their future. I'm going to enjoy my day in the sunlight.

And you, Mr. Crazy, stay in denial. That way you will soon see your fate. If you wake up from your dream, you may commit suicide. However, I don't want you to hurt yourself. I want the Iraqis to decide your fate. That's the least you could give them since you still call yourself "The President of Iraq."

Have a nice day everyone.

Arabic Word of The Post:

crazy: مجنون - / mej-noon /
craziness: جنون - / jin-noon /

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