Friday, July 30, 2004

'Forbidden Love' Book is a Hoax

I mentioned this book on my blog once or twice before. I deleted the references after Malcolm Knox, Literary Editor for Sydney Morning Herald investigated the facts in her book. The results were shocking.

Norma Khouri claimed she fled Jordan less than 10 years ago while fearing for her life. She claimed her best friend Dalia, a Muslim, was killed by her father for falling in love with a Christian man.

Her book was a No. 1 seller in Australia. It was translated to other languages. She sold more than 250,000 copies of the book since published. The book raised the issue of 'Honor Killing' in the Middle Eastern societies. That's good. What's not good is to lie for the sake of fame and money.

Malcom Knox 18-month investigation revealed that Norma moved from Jordan to America at age 3. She lived, studied, worked, married and had kids in America. She disappeared with her husband and two children from their home in Chicago a few years ago. That's around the time when she wrote her book and somehow found a publishing house, which didn't check the facts in the book and agreed to publish it.

I don't appreciate what she did. It's not fair to make money and fame on painful stories like the one she fabricated in her book.

There are cases of 'honor killing' in Jordan, Iraq and other countries. The latest report by Time magazine states these cases are on the rise in Iraq after the collapse of the old regime. Luckily, the good work of the women's rights activists in Jordan is paying well. According to the United Nations statistics, the number of 'honor killing' cases declined sharply in 2003.

I may not be happy with the United Nations works lately. But, I'd like them to work on this issue to protect the lives of the women who can't speak for themselves.

Let's end this post with a happy note. Yesterday, Sara Al-Humadi turned 4. Thank you to everyone, who sent her gifts. I'm sure it made her feel special.

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