Monday, July 05, 2004

Bubbles - Another Iraqi Female Blog

Bubbles is the newest Iraqi female blog. It's written by Zena Amaar. She writes poetically in Arabic. Her posts remind me of Ishtar, who stopped blogging last year. I hope Ishtar is reading this post and doing well. I think the brilliant Najma motivated many smart Iraqi girls to start their own blogs. Well done Najma.

I'm glad more Iraqi homes have access to the Internet. The Internet makes it easier to communicate with the outside world.

I wish the Internet existed during the eight years of the Iran-Iraq war. There were many times when Basrawis had to stay home for weeks because of the daily bombing of the city. I'm talking about continuous bombing, where we had to stay out of schools. We passed time by watching TV and reading books. The only connection we had with the outside world was the phone.
I talked for hours with friends on the phone. There simply was nothing better to do when you're stuck at home for weeks. This may explain why most of my Iraqi friends, who moved out of Iraq, still prefer to call instead of e-mailing me. I would send an e-mail to my Iraqi-Australian friend in Sydney, and the phone rings. Surprise, it's her on the phone. It may also explain why I don't like to talk via the phone anymore.

Please, welcome these wonderful girls into the blogosphere. They're using their spare time in a very productive way. Not to mention they're the future of Iraq.

More new Iraqi blogs could be found under this link (Via Emigre).

Arabic Word of The Post :

bubble - فقاعة - / foo-'QA-'a /
bubbles - فقاعات - / foo-'Qa-AT /

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