Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Peace Begins With a Smile

A big photo of two young girls from Honduras hangs on the wall in front of my computer. At the bottom of the photo is printed "Peace begins with a smile - Mother Teresa." It always reminds me of the power of a smile and laughter.

The smile and shyness of Asma Muhana, a 10-year-old Iraqi girl, stole the hearts of sailors and marines at Alpha Surgical Company serving in Camp Al Asad, Iraq. Asma was born with a hole in the upper chamber of her heart. She also has several heart valve defects. Over time, the defect can severely degrade her heart and possibly lead to death. Luckily, her father worked on Camp Al-Asad and word spread of her ailment. The doctors offered to help. Everyone else at the camp offered their assistance. She underwent surgery at the camp hospital. She's currently awaiting a flight to take her to a U.S. hospital for her heart surgery.

This is the sweetest and most emotional story I've read in a while. Thanks Cynthia for the link.

Arabic Word of The Post :

smile : أبتسامة - / ibtee-sama /
smiles : أبتسامات - / ibtee-samat /

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