Friday, June 18, 2004

Paul Johnson's Death

I wished MORE for Paul Johnson's safety after I saw his wife plead for his safety on TV. A few hours later, the news channels reported the beheading of Paul Johnson -- WARNING: the link contains graphic photographs.

I can't imagine what his wife, family and friends are going through today. I wish something could've been done to prevent this new tragedy. I wish Saudi Arabia gets their forces together and crack down on those terrorists once and forever.

It amazing how the Saudi government found and killed those responsible of Paul's death hours after his death. Why didn't the police capture them before they committed their crime? I'm losing my patience with the Saudi government. I think it needs to take tougher actions against these criminals.

I send my condolences to Paul Johnson's wife, family, friends and colleagues. May his spirit flies high above blue skies.

Arabic Word of The Post :

sky : سماء - / samA-a /
skies : سماوات - / samA-wAt /

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