Sunday, June 13, 2004

New Hope For Mutilated Iraqi Men

You probably heard of Saddam's campaign in 1994 to amputate army deserters' ears. Iraqi doctors estimate there are around 3,500 Iraqi men who remain with physical, emotional, personal and social scars due to his brutal campaign. Here's the good news, the Iraqi Ministry of Health now offers these men free reconstructive surgery.

It must have been too hard for those men to live in a society were appearance is very important. I'm glad the Ministry of Health is helping these men by restoring their pride and confidence.

The new Iraqi government has a tough job to do. I really hope them the best. Expect them to make some mistakes in their long journey, but wish them the best during the next five or 10 years. I'm not stupid. I don't think everything will be great in Iraq by the end of the year. Give it at least four years before you make any conclusions.

Arabic Word of The Post :

man : رجل - / re-jol /
men : رجال - / ree-jAl /

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