Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A New Day For Iraq

A new day has come for Iraqis. The list of the 30-member Iraq interim government is promising. I hope they serve Iraq and its people in an honorable manner.

Like other Iraqi bloggers, I wanted Al-Pachachi to be appointed as the new Iraqi president. I hold great esteem for him. I respected him more when he decided to step aside to let the governing council choose the new Iraqi president without any influence.

I think the appointment of Ghazi Al-Yawer as the new Iraqi president is going to bring Iraqis closer. He's a powerful Sunni Muslim tribal leader, who could bring other Sunni tribes to the table. A very good choice.

The 30-member interim government includes five women. That's more than wonderful. I also noticed the Minister of Immigration and Refugees has a Christian-sounding name -- could someone correct me if I'm wrong. That's a good choice too considering more than 50 percent of the Iraqi Chrisitans are scattered around the world in countries like America, Australia and Canada.

The new interim government may not be perfect. But, it's a good start. I only hope for the women and Iraqi Christians to have their full rights in the new Iraq.

Let's all pray for the Iraqi people. I hope they achieve a democracy that befits their culture and society.

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