Friday, June 11, 2004

Kirkuk: Newest Dallas Sister City

Dallas has a new sister city as reported by The Dallas Morning News:
First lady Laura Bush announced Wednesday that Dallas is one of three U.S. cities to gain an Iraqi sister city, part of the Partners for Peace Initiative.

Dallas will provide humanitarian aid to Kirkuk in northeastern Iraq in the unofficial partnership. Denver has been paired with Baghdad and Tucson, Ariz., with Sulaymaniyah

The Rocky Mountain News has more details on this story. It looks like Laura Bush surprised many people with this announcement. I was surprised and HAPPY when my husband called me from work to tell me the news. I also wish Basrah was one of the sponsored cities. Oh well, it may have a better chance next year.

Whether you're a Democrat, Republican or independent, you've got to admire Laura Bush for different reasons:

  1. She's the reading advocate.

  2. When the Harry Potter movies and books became a religious issue, she read the books and encouraged everyone to read them too. She went further and decorated a special section of The White House with Harry Potter themes last Christmas. Almost everyone got the message afterward.

  3. Listening to her comments about stem cell research this week, made me think there may be some hope that one day we could resolve the ethical and religious issue with this subject. I'm not predicting anything, I'm only hoping. Yes, I fully understand the religious issue -- remember I'm a practicing Catholic. But I don't think God would punish anybody trying to help sick people, whose progress condition relies on advanced research in this field.

Anyway, back to our sister city subject. I must admit I'm happy. Kirkuk is similar to Dallas. It has a blend of different ethnic and religious groups. I wish this sisterhood the best, and it's time for me to go to sleep.

Arabic Word of The Post :

city : مدينة - / me-deenA /
cities : مدن - / mo-dun /

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