Saturday, June 05, 2004

Kidnapping of Iraqi Christians

Zeyad wrote more than once about Iraqi doctors being kidnapped. Unfortunately, kidnapping has become a good business. Now, each gang has its own turf. One of these gangs makes money by kidnapping Christian business owners.

My friend's dad was kidnapped before Easter. They demanded $200,000 ransom. His family couldn't afford this amount of money. After weeks of negotiations, the amount was dropped to $40,000. They released him after his family paid the $40,000. He was tortured by the gang and came back home in a very bad shape. The family fled Iraq to Jordan after this incident.

Another friend's brother received kidnap threats last month. He was able to escape to Jordan. He and his family moved permanently to Jordan. Other Christian families fled to Jordan after family members were also kidnapped.

These families loved and served Iraq for many years. It's unfortunate to see them leave everything behind and seek refuge in Jordan.

Iraqi Christian families are well established in Australia, America and Canada. Almost every family has a family member who is a citizen of one of these countries. So, there is hope they could move to one of these countries in the future.

My dad sent my youngest brother to America during the 80s. He wanted our family to have an exit plan if things went wrong for Iraqi Christians. He made sure we were well educated. He knew we could go anywhere with good qualifications. I appreciate his efforts. It paid well.

I hope the new government cracks down on these gangs. Iraqis need to see an improvement to the security situation before they could enjoy the new Iraq. The new government team is too good to be true. I'm keeping my hopes high.

Arabic Word of The Post :

Christian : مسيحي - / me-see-'Hee /
Christians : مسيحيون - / me-see-'H-'yoon /

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