Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Happy Birthday To The Egyptian Twins

Wonderful Mohamed and Ahmed, the formerly conjoined Egyptian twins, turned three today.

Yes, I love these two angels and will always post their news on my blog. I know some of my readers are their fans and like to be advised of their health progress.

UPDATE Apr. 15, 2004
Wonderful Mohamed and Ahmed Ibrahim will meet with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Houston today.

If you're a resident of Texas, watch the news on your local channels. I'm sure they'll cover the meeting. I wonder if President Mubarak understands these two boys are celebrities in America.

UPDATE Apr. 06, 2004
OK, time for some good news. Formerly conjoined Egyptian twins, Ahmed and Mohamed Ibrahim, have been discharged from North Texas Hospital for Children. This is the first time the twins have lived with their parents and older brother in a home environment. The twins will turn 3 years old in June. Isn't that wonderful?

It's nice to browse their new photos and see their smiles. They always look happy. It's always a pleasure to see these happy photos.

Thank you all for your e-mails. More information on the formerly conjoined Egyptian twins can be found under The Dallas Morning News' special section on the Egyptian twins.

Mei-Chun Jau and Kim Ritzenthaler, staff photographers for The Dallas Morning News spent a lot of time with these two boys since they arrived in Dallas from Egypt. Mei-Chun is known for making them smile. I'll make sure to send both photographers a thank you e-mail for their nice work and continuous reporting-- newspaper photographers don't get many thank you e-mails.

ORIGINAL POST Feb. 05, 2004
On Oct. 22, 2003, I wrote on the status of the formerly conjoined Egyptian twins, who had their separation surgery at Children's Medical Center of Dallas. If you are not a resident of Dallas, this story may not mean much to you. But, the sweet twins are Egyptians -- I'm originally from the Middle East -- and I live in Dallas where they had their separation surgery last year.
Mei-Chun Jau and Kim Ritzenthaler, staff photographers for The Dallas Morning News, bring us new photos of the twins who are doing well and looking good and happy.

Last year, when the Iraq and the Middle East situation looked so dark for me, these two boys brought lots of peace, joy and hope to my heart. They made me realize that Middle Easterners and Westerners could love and care for each other during bad times.

There is a lot of misunderstanding and distrust between the two parties. I wouldn't say either party is right or wrong. I will say, let's listen to each other. That's all I request these days. When both Westerners and Middle Easterners are not taking steps toward understanding and trusting each other, the terrorists are the only happy people with this situation.

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