Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Dallas Morning News Article - Update I

Here's the article I wrote for The Dallas Morning News:
Iraqi bloggers keep hope alive

One day before Operation Iraqi Freedom started, I searched the Internet for news from Iraq, my homeland. I found the Web log — or “blog” — of architect Salam PAX. That was my first experience with blogs. Salam was the first Iraqi blogger. He risked his life to write from Saddam Hussein’s Baghdad.

After Saddam fell, Zeyad, a Baghdad dentist, started his blog, hoping to change the world’s view of Iraq. A few of his Iraqi readers, including myself, started our own blogs. He inspired us, and we wanted to change the world, too.

The Iraqi blogs discussed things we didn’t hear from the international media. The bloggers reported changes in their daily life. The optimistic bloggers like Firas, Ays and his mother, the Three Brothers and Sarmad saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I call them the future of the new Iraq.

A few of the Iraqi bloggers still are cautious about the changes. Their reports are not as upbeat as the bloggers above. For me, they’re as important as the rest of the Iraqi bloggers. Together, they are writing the first draft of Iraqi history after Saddam.

I write my blog from Dallas. My blog is about building a bridge of understanding between the Iraqi and American peoples.

I’m an optimist who lived through the Iran-Iraq war and Operation Desert Storm. I know peace comes with a price. Things won’t get better in Iraq immediately. But it will never be as bad as it was under Saddam. The fact that there are more than 20 Iraqi bloggers proves Iraqis enjoy freedom of speech they didn’t have before. Some of the Iraqi bloggers may not be happy with the presence of the American troops, but they are all pro-Iraq. That’s what makes these blogs important.

I hope I did a good job and introduced more people to the Iraqi blogs.

You may also want to read this article from The Dallas Morning News, which ran on the same page as my article.

Arabic Word of The Post:

optimist : متفائل - / moote-fA-'el /
optimists : متفائلون - / moote-fA-'eloon /

There are different plurals for the word optimist. Something I'll talk about it in my Arabic Lesson 101. It's coming soon.

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