Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Talented Iraqi Artists

I know everyone is nervous lately. That's normal. There are less than 50 days left for the hand over of sovereignty to the Iraqi people. There are six months left until the American election. These two things are making everyone nervous including myself.

So, let's have a break and look at some of the Iraqi sites I've discovered lately.

Elite Porcelain Art - This is a beautiful site of Sundus, an Iraqi woman artist. Sundus immigrated to Canada in 1990 with her husband and kids. She has achieved recognition for her contribution to the international art communities in Italy, Germany and Saudi Arabia. Her site includes examples of her porcelain work. It also lists her awards in this field. Thanks Hani for the link.

ayagallery - This gallery is located in London, UK. It hosts the art work of many known Iraqi artists. If you're into art, you would like the photos of their art pieces on the Web site.

Ala Bashir - If you're an Iraqi you probably recognized the name. Ala Bashir is the No. 1 cosmetic surgeon in Iraq. He also happens to be an artist who won many national and international awards for his art work. The Web site is under construction. Hopefully, it will be complete very soon.

I hope you enjoyed this refreshing break.

Arabic Word of The Post:

Art  - فن - / feN /
Arts - فنون - / 'f-noon /

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