Saturday, May 29, 2004

Seven Iraqis Given Gift of Humanity - Update II

The story of the seven Iraqi men, who had their hands amputated by Saddam's orders in 1995, is gaining momentum in the media. C-SPAN dedicated a 38 minutes segment to an interview with Don North, the producer of "Remembering Saddam." The documentary "Remembering Saddam" tells the story of those seven Iraqi men. Unfortunately, Don North can't find an American TV channel willing to discuss broadcasting it.

Don North is a freelance journalist who covered many war zones since the Vietnam war. He spent $100,000 to cover the Iraq war and produce this documentary. He said he used his son's education money to cover the expenses. He made fun of himself during the interview by saying he's not a good marketer. This problem faces many talented people in any profession.

You could watch "Remembering Saddam" and Q & A session with the seven Iraqi men at this link. Thanks Jason for the link.

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