Saturday, May 15, 2004

Seven Iraqis Given Gift of Humanity - Update I

You may remember the story of the seven Iraqi guys, who had their hands amputated. Their foreheads were also scarred between their eyebrows. What is the reason? One of these silly reasons Iraqi people would be arrested for during Saddam's era.

The Wall Street Journal published more details of their story. Thanks to Dave for the link.

I wonder how many torture stories will unfold in the future. Everyday I discover a new cannibalism behavior by Saddam. Here's the latest from the WSJ report:
The imputations were performed, over two days, by a Baghdad anesthesiologist, a surgeon and medical staff. We know this because Saddam had a videotape made of each procedure. He had the hands brought to him in formalin and then returned to Abu Ghraib. Oh, one more thing: The surgeon carved an X of shame into the forehead of each man. And the authorities charged the men $50.

What kind of movies did Saddam watch? If not, what kind of mind did he have? He would have made a fortune writing scripts for Halloween movies.

Now to the sad part of the story. TV news producer Don North made every effort to bring these guys to the United States for treatment. He managed to bring them for treatment in the United States. He also made a documentary film on their story, BUT he can't find any broadcast or network station willing to air his film.

TV Stations have time to air daily talk shows about Michael Jackson, Robert Blake and other Hollywood stars, but can't find a slot for this documentary. That's really sad.

Arabic Word of The Post:

Hand : يد   -  yed  / yed /
Hands: أيادي   -  'aYAdee  / 'a-YA-dee /

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