Sunday, May 02, 2004

Reaction To Detainees Abuse Photos

I couldn't comment on this subject when it hit the news channels a few days ago. I needed to study and take my final exam this weekend. Now, I'm done with my exams. I need to talk about it so I can get it out of my system.

First, the photos were disgusting. No human should be tortured or humilated the way these detainees were treated. I want to smash the face of the smiling "guard" in these photos. I want to see her on the Arabic and American news channels explaining her acts. I would like her to tell everyone how she would feel if she was one of these naked detainees.

Second, I believe in the American justice system. Those who perpetrated these acts will be brought to justice. That's what America is all about. No one is above the law -- even "guards" serving in war zones.

I have a blend of opinions, that I'd like you all to read.

Here's the angry opinion of a former soldier (my dear husband).

Here's Alaa's opinion, voice of wisdom, from Iraq. His opinion is the second post on the provided link.

Here's Mahmood's opinion from Bahrain. An earlier opinion could be found here.

Pat Tillman didn't die for his country so a few "guards" would act the way those weirdo, sick-minded group did act.

I feel better now that I wrote this post.

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