Monday, May 17, 2004

The Price of Freedom

I woke this morning to news of the assassination of the chief of Iraqi Governing Council. First thing I did was check the Iraqi bloggers inside Iraq. Omar had already posted on this subject. He said what every freedom-loving Iraqi person would say. Here's the best part of his post:
Are we sad? Yes of course, but we're absolutely not discouraged because we know our enemies and we know their ways and we decided to go in this battle to the end. They think they can force us to give up but they're totally mistaken. I've tasted freedom, my friends and I'd rather die fighting to preserve my freedom before I find myself trapped in another nightmare of blood and oppression.

During the last few days, I came to the conclusion that the new Iraq worries many parties in the Middle East. If "Operation Iraqi Freedom" was a failure, why are we seeing all these terrorist groups trying to destroy the new Iraq?

More interesting news is the nerve agent sarin found in a shell that exploded in Iraq. I know many people want to believe there were NO WMD in Iraq as this would disprove their pessimistic theories. I still believe we need to look inside Iraq's neighboring countries. We need to find what weapons were moved there before March 2003. Otherwise how does anyone explain the truck found in Jordan a few weeks ago, which was carrying 20 tons of chemical explosives?

Arabic Word of The Post:

weapon : سلاح - / see-LAA'H /
weapons: أسلحة - / es-lee-'HAA /

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