Thursday, May 06, 2004

Love Conquers All

In a week full of unpleasant news, it was nice to watch a love story. Sgt. Sean Blackwell, an American soldier, fell in love with Ehdaa, a young Iraqi doctor. They met in Baghdad last year while Sean was serving in Iraq. They got married, then separated when Sean was shipped back home. Their marriage was put on hold until Ehdaa was able to leave Iraq. She was finally reunited with her husband, who was waiting for her at the Jordanian border. It is a very cute love story.

Their love story gives hope to all of us. Enjoy reading it. The story tells it all.

Arabic Word of The Post:

marriage : زواج - zawaj - / za-waj /
marriages : زواجات - zawajat - / zawa-jat /

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