Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Injured Basrawi Students And Other News

Today, I called my aunt who lives in Basrah. I asked her about the female students who were injured during the last terror attack in Basrah. She told me they're doing well. The girls left the hospital. She told me a few of them may need cosmetic surgeries for the scars on their faces. Otherwise, they're in a good shape.

So, thanks for everyone's prayers for these girls. Our prayers were answered.

I asked my cousin, "How are the fundamentalists doing these days?" She said they're still trying to control the city and Al-Sistani photos are all over the city. I asked her jokingly if she has to wear a hijab when leaving the house. She said, "Not yet. But hey, if things go the way they're going now, then I'll have to wear one in the future."

When I asked them whom they think is responsible for these acts of terror. They were certain most of the terror acts are carried out by foreigners from Syria, Iran and other countries.

I'm sure there are Iraqis involved in these terror operations. But, it's obvious to everyone that foreigners are playing a big role in boiling the security situation in Iraq.

My other cousin -- from a different aunt --, whose husband is a doctor in Falluja for the last 15 to 20 years, has bought a house in Dehuk. They are moving to live in Dehuk for safety reasons. It wasn't her choice to live in Falluja. Her husband was transferred to the city under Saddam's regime. They left the city after last month's siege on the city. It seems like the Kurdish part of Iraq is the best place to live these days. I have an interesting family, don't I?

Another peculiar piece of news from Iraq. My friend's aunt, who was fired from her job during the 80s and temporarily jailed for her political views, has returned to her job. Not only returned to her job, the new government added those years to her service. Now, she has a well paid job after many years of suffering.

The only common complaint is about the security situation. Otherwise, people have good salaries, which enables them to buy new appliances and furniture for their homes. Yes, many people had to sell their furniture, home appliances and gold to make a living during the last 20 years.

Would some Iraqis see the bright side of Iraq's future? I hope so.

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