Monday, May 31, 2004

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone.

I never understood the meaning of this day to the American people till this year. I think this year feels more special to me, or maybe America is replacing Australia as my country. I've been here for three years. During the first few years, these national holidays meant nothing to me. I had to search and learn about them as I did with the Australian national holidays. By the time I learned Australia's holidays, I moved to another country.

I've been really good adjusting to the continuous changes in my life during the last 10 years. I hope I don't have to do it again. I love this country. It's not a perfect country. But, its people keep trying to improve it. They've been working on building their democratic system for the last 200 years. That tells me Iraq has a long way to go before it could form the type of democracy which may suit its culture and ethnic groups.

One reader told me "Democracy is a mess but it's fun." I have to agree with him. I think Iraqis have learned the messy part. I hope they reach the joy and fun part on their way to achieve it.

Have I given up on Iraqis? No. I still think they can create a political system to fit their needs. I hope I'm right.

Arabic Word of The Post:
day  : يوم - / yowm /
days : أيام - / ay-YAm /

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