Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Why Killing The Children?

The cowards did it again and killed children.

If these criminals are really opposed to the occupation, as they claim, why don't they fight the coalition soldiers face to face? Why do they go after children? Why can't they let Iraqis rebuild their country?

Basrah was a peaceful city until 1980. We Basrawis lived under heavy bombing from Iran during the Iran-Iraq War. That war changed Basrah from being the pearl of the Persian Gulf to a city of ruins.

The years after the war weren't more pleasant. Basrawis were hated by Saddam's regime because of the high percentage of Shia living in the city.

Basrawis thought the end of Saddam's regime would mean an end to their problems. It seems like whoever is running the terrorist and fanatical show in Iraq keeps Basrah in his/her mind. Leave Basrawis alone. Let them have the life they had during the 70s. Don't impose your extremists' rules on this city.

And while I'm in the subject of Basrah, I would like to raise the issue of the Christian minority living in Basrah. I call it the forgotten minority.

We called my aunt, who still lives in Basrah, last week. Christians aren't happy with the Islamic extremists running the city. They're afraid for their lives, and most of them moved out of the city. Christians had more than eight churches in that city. These belonged to the Chaldeans, Assyrians, Syriac Catholics, Rome Orthodox and others. My aunt said Christians of different sectors are gathering to attend mass at one church because they're afraid of opening their churches. More so, the number of people going to church is decreasing. The Chaldean bishop asked the ladies to dress in a way that wouldn't upset the extremists. Wouldn't upset the extremists?! That's how afraid this minorty is these days.

So, if someone important is reading this blog, would you please pay attention to this Basrawi forgotten minority?

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