Thursday, April 15, 2004

Maskuf Recipe

I received e-mails showing interest in Iraqi fish cooked Maskuf-style after I mentioned it earlier on this blog. So, here's the recipe I promised to publish at the time. Sorry it took me so long to publish it.

  • One trout fish, or fish of your choice.

  • 1.3 pound (1/2 kilo) tomato.

  • 2 white onions.

  • 2 table spoons oil. I usually use extra light olive oil for cooking.

  • Salt, black pepper or spices of your choice.

  1. Cut fish lengthwise from its back without removing the skin or the scales. Clean its inside. Wash fish with water. Then, rub the fish with salt (both sides).

  2. Start a fire at your campsite, riverside or backyard using wood sticks. Make sure the fire continues to flame. Measure wood stakes to be the length of the BBQ grilling stakes. Insert these wood stakes into the soil, one-foot away from the flames on the downwind side. This allows the flames to lick at the fish.

  3. Skewer the fish onto two woods stakes between the skin and meat. Make sure its inside faces the flames.

  4. Heat oil in a frying pan. Chop onions very thin and add them to the pan. Cut tomato into small pieces and add them to the onion. Add salt and black pepper to the mix. Cook for 10 minutes or until you have a thick sauce mixture in the frying pan.

  5. Remove the fish once it's well cooked. Put it on a tray or plate. Brush the sauce on its inside.

  1. You could serve the fish without the sauce.

  2. You could brush the fish interior with tomato sauce before cooking it.

  3. You could soak tamarind in small amount of water. Leave it until it becomes as thick as a tomato sauce. Cover the fish interior with the thick sauce before cooking it. You could buy tamarind from any Oriental, Persian or Middle-Eastern shops at your residence area.

If you go fishing or camping by a riverside, then this is a good recipe to make. Enjoy.

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