Monday, March 15, 2004

Spain Elections

I read a few of the Iraqi bloggers' posts today. I could see their frustration with Spain's election results. I did too. BUT, this is the Spaniards' choice. This is what they feel is the best for them at this stage. I respect their choice.

This is how democracy works. You can't force governments on people. People choose their governments. They also change them during elections if these governments are not what people want. That's what I want to see happening in the Middle East. We have governments that have ruled for years and years. After each election the same governments win with 99.99 percent of votes. In the Western world, you can't play this game. You win if people approve of your record.

Spaniards are mourning the victims of the train attacks. With most of the population being against war in Iraq. The results of the election didn't come as a surprise.

Now, did this make the terrorists win this round? Yes, it did.
That's the sad part many people around the world can't see. As Firas said on his blog, nobody is safe from the terrorists. This is bigger than Iraq's war. This is bigger than Afghanistan's war. Coalition forces were not stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan when the terrorists attacked the world trade center in New York city.

Wilfried Martens, head of the European People's Party, an umbrella group for European conservative parties said in a Reuters article that Sunday would go down in history as "the day when Islamic fundamentalism was seen as dictating the outcome of a European election,".

One of my readers described the terrorists groups as a cult. Unfortunately there are still people joining this cult, and there are more and more people who still believe the danger will not reach their doorsteps. This is how the terrorists will win more rounds.

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