Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Letter From Myriam

It always fascinates me when someone sends me a letter to criticize my writing. Here's an example from a person called Myriam at e-mail address (I usually keep people's e-mails and names secret unless they spit posionous thoughts at us):
  • Marhaba,

    I wonder how an Iraqi can feel happy when her country is OCCUPIED.

    While you rejoice thousands of Iraqis continue to be humiliated,imprisoned and killed by foreign invaders. Iraq's oil revenues will go towards making BECHTEL, HALLIBURTON, KB&R, BUSH and Co richer than they already are.

    Iraq has lost its sovereignty, if you do not understand this it is probably because you ONLY listen to Western voices and read Murdoch's press. Your analysis of the situation is superficial and biased.

    The signing of this project of a new constitution has not been approved by the Iraqi people yet, it is the product of the US administration and of a group of people which were selected by the US. This project does not represent the will of the Iraqi people, it has been imposed on them. It is not a happy end.

    Iraq's troubles are far from over, in fact it is only the beginning of a new chapter in Iraq's history of liberation from foreign invaders.

    It is for the Iraqi people to decide if they are given a chance.

    How easy it is for you who live abroad to forget about BUSH's lies to attack Iraq, about the destruction of Iraq's civil infrastructure, the thousands of civilian deaths, the economic sanctions which were imposed on the Iraqi people for more than 13 years.

    Have you forgotten that the reason for the US and UK's pre-emptive war of aggression on Iraq was to find WOMD!!!

    Have you forgotten that their reason for imposing the immoral and illegal economic sanctions were the WOMD!!!

    All lies, they knew Iraq did not have WOMD, it was just a pretext to attack Iraq.

    Ask yourself: Why doesn't BUSH attack N. Korea?

    Why doesn't he oblige the Zionist State to give up its WOMD?

    LIES, LIES, LIES, nothing but LIES. The tragedy is that Iraqis continue to be the victims. Nothing can be built on LIES. The President of the most powerful state on earth continuously speaks of ROGUE NATIONS and of EVIL, but he is a preacher without morals, without honor and without a conscience.

    In solidarity with the Iraqi people,

    Maa essalama,

The sentence I liked the most is "In solidarity with the Iraqi people,"

Hmmm, Where was Myriam when Saddam gassed the Kurds in Halabja in 1987? Where was Myriam when Saddam killed thousands of Shia for no reason in 1991? Where was Myriam when my best friend's brother was put in jail in 1991, disappeared, and is still missing till this moment? Where was Myriam when Saddam forced the Chaldean and Assyrian population to write "Arab" under their ethnicity group since the 1977 census? Where was Myriam when Saddam wanted to force the Christian students to learn the Koran and its interpretation at high schools during the 70s? I give thanks to our bishops and priests who protested and prevented this rule.

And Myriam seems to forget who liberated Europe from the Nazis, or maybe she's an immigrant to the continent, or maybe she thinks the Holocaust was imaginary or exaggerated.

If I was biased as she said in her e-mail, I would not have watched the movie "Mystic River" with Sean Penn since his political views were opposite to the Bush administration's views regarding WMD. I also would not have cheered loud when Sean Penn won the Oscar this year for his role in this movie. This is what America is about: freedom of speech, religion and press. Go read the American Bill of Rights.

Saddam himself was a WMD. Period.

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