Sunday, March 28, 2004

Help With Treatment Of An Iraqi War Victim

As much as I'm happy for the removal of Saddam and his sons from power in Iraq, it fills my heart with sadness when children must pay the price for Iraq's freedom. But, as one of my readers told me, "freedom comes with a price".

Thirteen-year-old Ma’rwa Ahteemi sustained a spinal cord injury in late November 2003 during a U.S. mortar attack, which accidentally hit her home in the Sunni Triangle north of Baghdad. She lost five of her family members during the attack. She was paralyzed below the waist and subsequently developed life-threatening pressure sores. She spent almost three months in an American field hospital in Iraq.

With the help of Iowa National Guardsman SFC John Mileham, who is still serving in Iraq, and two female colleagues, Maj. Mary Adams-Challenger, an Army physical therapist stationed at Ft. Hood, TX and Maj. Sharnell Hoffer MD, a pediatrician from MN and member of the National Guard, Ma'rwa has been evacuated for treatment at the National Center for Children’s Rehabilitation (NCCR) in the U.S.

A special fund has been created to assist in Ma'rwa Ahteemi's rehabilitation efforts:

The Fund for Ma'rwa
National Spinal Cord Injury Assn.
PO Box 631002
Baltimore, MD 21263-1002

Please, help bringing a smile and a better future for Ma'rwa. The links I provided in this post has a link to a PayPal donation page. BUT, I'm sending a check to the above address to ensure it goes directly to her fund.

Thanks to SFC John Mileham, Maj. Mary Adams-Challenger, Maj. Sharnell Hoffer MD, senator Tom Harkin from Iowa, U.S. Department of Defense, the Coalition Provisional Authority, Iraqi Ministry of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and U.S. Department of Homeland Security for their help to bring Ma'rwa for treatment in the U.S.

If you are sending checks to the fund, make checks payable to "The Fund for Ma'rwa".

Thank you so much for supporting Ma'rwa.

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