Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Falluja's Attack

Am I angry today? Yes, I am.

Reading and watching the graphic video of Falluja's attack took me back to my memories from "Black Hawk Down"in Somalia a decade ago.

Are there more disgusting acts these ex-Baathists will try to show the world in the future?

What the ex-Baathists are doing is helping people like me realize Iraqis are better off without Saddam. Today's photos show how brutal his party members were to the Iraqi people. What you saw today on the streets of Falluja was previously conducted by Saddam's henchmen behind closed doors.

What hurts me the most is people reading the report and watching the video -- I didn't include it because it's graphical by my standards -- would think most Iraqis support those criminals' acts and views.

I'm sitting here and wondering if the "positive" Iraqi bloggers are really making a difference in this world. You read our posts and think Iraqis are great. Then, you turn on the TV or read the newspapers and reconsider your opinions.

I know most Iraqis are like the Iraqi bloggers, who are trying to make a difference in this world. I know bad news makes more noise than the good news. I know I still have faith Iraq will have a great future. Then, I get depressed from time to time and wonder if this is just a fantasy, or it may become a reality in the near future.

Tonight, I'm going to watch "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"and drink Black Swan Shiraz, my favorite Australian wine. It will help me forget today's dark reality.

Black Hawk Down, The Book

Black Hawk Down, The Movie

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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