Sunday, March 21, 2004

Awards For World Music And Kathem Al-Sahir

It's nice to know the most famous Iraqi singer in the Middle East, Kathem Al-Sahir, has been awarded the Audience Award at the BBC Radio 3 Awards For World Music 2004. He also won the Middle East and North Africa category.

Non-Middle-Easterners may know Kathem from the "War Is Over" song with Sarah Brightman.

What made Kathem the favorite singer for many Middle-Easterners is his sensitivity. He's definitely the women's favorite singer. Men, including both my dad and husband, can't understand why he sounds like he's crying in most of his songs. He's our Julio Iglesias, excluding the good looks. Still, most Middle-Eastern women think Kathem is a handsome guy. It makes Middle-Eastern men wonder what women "really" see in this guy.

You would find more of Kathem's songs at this link.

If you want to listen to more refreshing Middle-Eastern songs, I recommend you listen to Amro Deyab. My husband LOVES his songs. He's also my favorite Middle-Eastern singer.

I hope you enjoy at least a song or two from the above links.

Here's a video link to Kathem's performance at the awards ceremony. The first song is a love song. The second song is about Baghdad. It's a very nice song where he desscribes Baghdad as his lover. Actually, it's a great song.


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