Monday, February 16, 2004

Support The Iraqi IP In Fallujah

Chris from World Inquiry started a sweet campaign. He's sending "Thank You" notes to the Iraqi IP in Fallujah.

All you need to do is write a thank you e-mail, or post a comment on his blog. He'll send your messages to the Iraqi IP to keep their spirits up. Trust me, with Iraqis a thank you note would make a big difference in someone's daily life.

Here's the e-mail he sent me with a link to the post on his blog regarding this wonderful project:

I've posted about the care package I'm making, but apparently that link needs more traffic to get messages of support for the IP in Fallujah!

Please help me out! It doesn't matter how, I just need help getting the word out to everyone to show their support for the IP!!

many thanks for your time

-Chris from World Inquiry
Link to drop thank you notes

Let's light more candles instead of cursing the darkness. Thank you in advance for helping with this project.

UPDATE April 13, 2004

Things got worse in Falluja after starting the letter campaign. Chris wanted to stop the campaign after hearing the news of the corrupted IP in Falluja. Then Chris and other letter writers decided to go ahead and send the letters. Our rational was if we could change one IP's mind to think positively, then we would have made a difference in this world.

To my amazement -- after losing hope the letters would ever reach the Falluja IP -- Chris sent me this e-mail on Easter Day.
I just wanted to thank you for being my outside expert (by translating that letter.)

On the same subject, it appears that the package reached Fallujah. I got a letter on Friday from Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) thanking us for doing what we did... Without any prior contact between us. Though it is a bit scary that they knew how to contact me, I find it comforting that what we did may have made a difference, and that it got noticed.

One thing that I found interesting is that when al-Sadr came along, many IP in Baghdad and Najaf either joined them or stood by and watched. The IP in Fallujah, even though at one point they MAY have been a tad corrupt, FOUGHT BACK alongside the US troops, and have been instrumental in keeping the coalition foothold in the city. This is major because Fallujah is a divided city when it comes to the war (perhaps because of the influx of foreign immigrants.)

Though I will not claim what we did is the direct cause of this, it is interesting to note that we were unique in sending this morale package, and to begin with, that IP office was one of the more divided of those in the Sunni triangle.

Thank you so much for helping me in this endeavor. Sleep well this Easter knowing that you may have helped save Fallujah and its people.

When I get more resources at my disposal, there will be another website, and several more packages going to Baghdad, Najaf, Kerbala, Tikrit, Mosul, Basra, Kirkuk and other cities. If what we did made that much of a difference, it is my duty as an able human to do what I can.

I published Chris's "Thank You" note so I could publicly thank everyone who participated in this campaign, either by writing a letter to the IP or by encouraging Chris to continue with his project.

Call us dreamers. Call us optimistic people, who don't know what's happening in Falluja. BUT, it's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

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