Thursday, January 29, 2004

Saddam's, The Godfather, Oil-For-Blessing Scandal

Have you ever watched "The Godfather"movie? If not, or even if you did before, please watch this trilogy to understand more of uncle Saddam's behavior. He mimicked The Godfather in everything -- to the point of bribing religious figures. It's sad how much he loved this movie. I do LOVE Robert Di Niro, so that's another reason to watch the movie more than once. I made my husband watch the trilogy before "Operation Iraqi Freedom" so he could understand Saddam's mentality.

Pete Williams reporting for NBC Nightly News With Tom Brokaw has an excellent report regarding this subject. Here's a link to the report with the video from today. Good job Pete.

Papers detail Saddam's oil-for-friends deals

Also, Lisa Myers, senior investigative correspondent for NBC News, reported about how Saddam made his wealth earlier this month for NBC Nightly News With Tom Brokaw. In her report, she told us how Tripette and Renaud, a small company outside Paris, reached a deal in 2002 to sell almost $1 million in laboratory equipment to Iraq. A company official told NBC News the Iraqis demanded a 10 percent surcharge added to the price. The company agreed to pay this amount to private bank accounts controlled by the Iraqis.

Her complete report with a video could be found under the following link:

Price of doing business in Saddam's Iraq.

Now, I'm wondering how much money the 600 Jordanian lawyers, who volunteered to defend Saddam during his trial, got from the loving daughters of The Godfather.

I hope anyone who took the money -- that could helped the starving, sick and dying Iraqi children during 13 years of U.N. sanctions -- would choke on it. Then, I may be able to forgive. I'm really trying this forgiveness process. It's just not working that well. Damn me.

Brian Ross reporting for ABC World News With Peter Jennings reports on this scandal. The report and video with compiled list of people involved in this scandal can be found at this link:

Saddam's Gifts Document: Saddam Supporters Received Lucrative Oil Contracts.

I found another report, published by U.S. Department Of State in 1999, in regard to Saddam's oil smuggling at Basrah refinery -- with satellite photos -- in violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions at the time. Here's the link:

Palaces and Oil Smuggling

UPDATE III - Mar. 23, 2004
It looks like someone important listened to the media and the bloggers who reported this scandal.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said,

It is highly possible that there have been quite a lot of wrong-doing, but we need to investigate and get to see who was responsible. And given the nature of the operation that involves so many companies, so many countries, we will need quite a lot.

If the reports are true, I hope people involved in this scandal will be brought to justice.

The Godfather - DVD Collection

The Godfather - The Book

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