Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Changing Faces

A reader sent me a very nice story. It's the story of Kalat, an Iraqi sculptor who was forced by Saddam's regime -- as many other Iraqi artists -- to use his talent to make statues of the tyrant. After the fall of the old regime, Kalat was able to melt down the statues to create a memorial for American soldiers. It was something he may have never dreamed of doing when he worked on the original statues.

Command Sergeant Major Chuck Fuss of the 4th Infantry Division describes the statue, in an Army News Service article, as follows:

The sculpture is based on a scene many in Iraq have witnessed in one form or another.

A soldier kneels before a memorial of boots, rifle and helmet - his forehead resting in the hollow of his hand. Behind and to his right stands a small Iraqi girl with her hand reaching out to touch his shoulder.

The statue evokes emotion. The girl was added to the statue to remind people of why the sacrifice was made, Fuss said.

"It's about freedom for this country, but it's also about the children who will grow up in a free society," he said.

It's a very nice story.

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