Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Stuffed Dates Recipe

I'm still in a celebrating mood. For the last two days, I avoided watching TV or listening to the radio so I wouldn't have to watch or listen to any negative reports regarding Saddam's arrest. I'm taking control of my happiness and won't let anybody spoil this important event in Iraq's history for me.

Since I can't meet you all to serve you dates and Arabian coffee, I decided to post a stuffed dates recipe from Pat Chapman's cookbook, "Homestyle Middle Eastern Cooking."

Pat Chapman classifies it as an Israeli recipe. It's almost identical to Iraqis date recipes. One of my readers from California tried it and loved it. I'm always concerned before introducing a new Middle Eastern recipe to other people. This recipe is really good. I like stuffed dates. It probably got to do with me being from Basrah, Iraq. Having a palm tree is a trademark of Basrawii's home gardens.

Let's celebrate with desserts.

Stuffed date recipe - Enough for 4-6 people:
1 box preserved dates or, if you can get them, 16-20 fresh ripe dates.

2 tablespoons ground almonds.
15g butter, softened.
1 tablespoon sugar.
1 teaspoon finely chopped pistachio nuts.

150ml golden syrup. I do recommend a light golden syrup.
50ml honey.
2 tablespoons lemon juice.

  1. Carefully slit the dates down one side and remove the stones.

  2. Make the filling by mixing the ingredients together. Use a little water to get marzipan texture, then shape into pieces the size of dates stones.

  3. Insert into the dates.

  4. Mix syrup ingredients together. Heat the syrup. Any spare filling can be put in the syrup.

  5. Put dates on a serving dish, and pour the hot syrup over them. Chill.

Hope you enjoy it.

Homestyle Middle Eastern Cooking

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