Thursday, October 09, 2003

My Biography

  • Born in 1966 to Chaldean-Catholic parents in Basrah, Iraq.

  • Jun-1984,
    finished high school with an overall average of 93 percent.

  • Jul-1984,
    applied for School of Science/Department of Computer Science at University of Basrah. My parents really hoped for me to become an engineer like my older sibling. However, I decided having a variety of skills in our family would be good. I was right.

  • Feb-1987,
    my family moved to Baghdad, Iraq. Many Basrawi families had to flee Basrah because of the Iran-Iraq war. Basrah suffered the most during this war. When they moved to Baghdad, it made me experiment with cooking. I shocked my family during summer holiday with my cooking skills. Now, I'm a great chef.

  • Jun-1988,
    finished my Science degree in Computer Science with honors then moved to Baghdad, Iraq to be with rest of the family.

  • Jan-1990,
    started my first job as Programmer/Analyst for Department of Education in Baghdad, Iraq.

  • Sep-1990,
    I started a one-year service as an assistant nurse (candy stripe) at
    a Baghdad hospital. This one-year service was required by all young, female government employees who held non-engineering positions. It was lots of fun and one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. Caring for injured soldiers helped change my view of life under the old Iraqi regime.

  • Jun-1993,
    resigned from my job at Department of Education. I always told my parents, who helped me financially, that I would resign when a pair of shoes would cost more than what I'm paid monthly for my job. A pair of shoes did cost more than my salary by the time I resigned from my job.

  • Jun-1994,
    decided it was time for me to leave the country. I couldn't see a bright future in a country where war is a life standard.

  • Oct-1994,
    moved to Amman, Jordan. Applied for an immigration visa to Australia under Australia's General Skilled Migration program.

  • Jul-1995,
    moved to Sydney, Australia.

  • Jun-1996,
    started a two-month internship as a Software Engineer with Aristocrat Leisure Industries. The company makes poker machines. Every software engineer had a test poker machine next to his/her desk. Could you tell the job was too much fun?

  • Nov-1996,
    started my first real job in Sydney, Australia as a Computer Instructor with Computer Power Training Institute. Enjoyed working with students and other instructors. It was also lots of fun.

  • Feb-1998,
    became an Australian citizen.

  • Mar-1998,
    moved to Panalpina World Transport to work as IT-SCM (Information Technology-Supply Chain Management) Specialist. It was the best job I've ever had in my life. Lots of challenge. Lots of international travel to attend seminars and workshops run by the company's information technology department. Lots of extra work hours, but that's the price of going up on the food chain.

  • Mar-2000,
    met my husband Mark while surfing the Internet.

  • Mar-2001,
    moved to Dallas, Texas after Mark and I decided long-distance dating and short visits do not work at all.

  • Mar-2001,
    started working on my immigration papers to America (JP wedding).

  • Jun-2001,
    got married in Dallas, Texas (church wedding).

  • Apr-2002,
    first step of immigration approved, became a lawful alien. Applied for work-permit while proceeding with next immigration step: Applying for green card.

  • Aug-2002,
    got a work-permit which allows me to apply for a job with any employer in America. Didn't help much as Dallas tech jobs became rare during the 2002 recession.

  • Jun-2003,
    started college credit courses in computer programming after being eligible to enroll for college while waiting on my green card. So far, I have maintained a 4.0 GPA (100 percent) while taking advanced computer science language courses.

  • Oct-2003,
    started my personal blog as a window to express my feelings about the Iraqi situation.

  • Jan-2004,
    got my American green card. It was a very happy day.

  • Jul-2004,
    started Fayrouz Break Room blog.

  • Jul-2004,
    started Chaldean Thoughts blog.

  • Apr-2005,
    moved to Beaumont, Texas after my husband accepted a job with the editorial department of The Beaumont Enterprise.

  • Sep-2005,
    rode out Hurricane Rita in Southeast Texas on my birthday.

  • Sep-2006,
    worked as Programmer Analyst at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.

  • May-2008,
    moved back to Dallas after accepting a better programming job.

  • July-2008,
    Became a U.S. citizen.


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