Thursday, November 20, 2003

Iraqi Orchestra Concert

I'm really good at finding the "good news" articles in our press. Here's a tip, don't look for the good news under the front page, search under pages that nobody clicks on. It's sad but true about our press. So, I found the following good news coming from Iraq:

Iraqi orchestra moves into new home, practices for U.S. concert

The orchestra will have a concert in Washington with the U.S. National Symphony Orchestra on December 9th.

If you live in Washington area and can afford a ticket, please go and listen to their performance. We're proud of them. I feel there will be a modern Iraq if we keep the music going.

I'm really afraid for my native country to end up with an Iranian-style Islamic government. I know Iraqis are smarter than that. I also know the American administration does not want to interfere with Iraqis choice of government type. May be they should in this case as there's no point of getting rid of Saddam just to end up with a worse government.

It's my only worry. So, let's keep the music going.


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